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Secure Digital Life (Audio)

Apr 23, 2019

It's out there. Really scary kids. It's the dark web. Full of unsavory people, a LOT of intelligence undercover operatives, and all sorts of dark goodies that you probably don't want anyway, unless you do. It's also about anonymity. What if you have a problem with excessive eyelid hair? A strange desire to drink...

Apr 17, 2019

Since all of us had a major power outage this week, well, I thought we should talk about what to do when you are down. Now, I don't mean drinking alone, I mean down, as in, the internet, power, or battery. Our dependence on the internet is at an all time high, you need a plan to use when this happens.

Full Show Notes:

Apr 9, 2019

Today, it's the Russ show. I am here but I am going to let Russ run it. Maybe it's an ominous sign of my impending doom. Hard to say. We are going to talk about Social Media. I mean this stuff has taken over the world in terms of how people communicate, interact, date, exchange ideas, you name it. But what about when it...

Apr 5, 2019

Today on SDL, Russ and I interview Tim Broom, CEO and Co-Founder of ITPro.TV. Tim recognized the need for current and engaging eLearning for IT professionals and ITProTV was born. He had been operating a brick-and-mortar computer learning center and saw a gap he could fill where he could bring IT learning to the masses...